claim the climate!


Video created to promote the climate action 'Claim the Climate!' for Ghent University, Arteveldehogeschool, HOGent, Odisee Hogeschool & KU Leuven Technologiecampus Gent.

The Buddy Project

video / animation

A short introduction to The Buddy Project, a project set up by students for students at Ghent University.

Ghent University Botanical Garden


Video created for the Botanical Garden of Ghent University. Ground footage and editing by Isberg Design Company, aerial footage by Ghent in Motion, music by Chelsea McGough/MARIE (Claire de lune; comp. C. Debussy) and Caleb Etheridge (The beginning).

Liten Hilda


Soetkin Baptist, Jan Van Outryve and Didier François perform Liten Hilda, from the concert series Cold & Raw.

Railroad Boy


Soetkin Baptist, Jan Van Outryve and Didier François perform Railroad Boy, from the concert series Cold & Raw.

Bressay Lullaby


Soetkin Baptist, Jan Van Outryve and Didier François perform Bressay Lullaby, from the concert series Cold & Raw.

European Green Office Summit 2018 - announcement


Announcement for the European Green Office Summit 2018.

Making Tomorrow


Trailer for the event series Making Tomorrow.

La Torre


The language of movement on a rooftop in Mexico.

This video combines the choreography of Karen Bernal (Ilaii AC, Mexico) with 'La Torre', music taken from 'Onironautiche', the new album by Sara Calvanelli. Concept, filming and editing by Isberg Design Company.

Music by Sara Calvanelli (voice & accordion) Giovanni sollima (cello), Danila massimi (Drums, Cajon, Tibetan Bowls).



Cover band Ultra Vioolet performing Papaoutai (Stromae), filmed in one take.

IMFSE graduation interviews 2017


Interviews from the IMFSE graduation ceremony 2017.



A short experiment of choreography and point of view with Camille Coryn



Two women dance in the same street in opposite directions at a different time of day, listening to different music, yet rhyming in movement and sentiment.

Dance and choreography by Karen Bernal and Elena Herera Cáceres. Music by Sara Calvanelli (2015 © Sara Calvanelli). Concept and images by Esbergsson. Produced by Ilaii.

Filmed in the streets of Mérida, México.

Farang i Huset


Farang (Katrien van Remortel & Jeroen Goegebuer) play En konstig fan, composed by Emil Olsson, arranged by Zeke. Music recorded by Daithi Rua at Rua Room, Ghent (BE). Location: HUSET, Ghent (BE) (



'Folded/unfolded' is the first video production of Ilaii, filmed at the Ghent University Library, a monument designed by architect Henry Van de Velde, built between 1933 and 1938. Even though Karen Bernal and Esbergsson have already cooperated on several projects, Folded/unfolded is their first video production together. The music is written and performed by Peter Vörlaender ( CC BY-NC-ND

Juego Luz - Encuentro Internacional Bajo la Carpa


Presenting Juego Luz, taking place from March 10-29, 2014, in Mérida, Yucatán, México. Music by Daniel Innala Ahlmark, 'Snowflake Impromptu' & NOI, 'Everything Is Changing'.



Storm is an attempt to capture the rhyme which exists between music and the body language of its performer. A shortened solo rendition of W.A. Mozart's 25th Symphony in G Minor is played by violinist Kathleen Denis.



David Menes performing in the Cyr wheel during 'DONKA - A Letter to Chekhov', written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca. Featuring Beatriz Sayad & Ronaldo Tarquini. Music by Maria Bonzanigo.

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